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Potential participants ages 14-16 are nominated for the Genesis Project by anyone who sees their extraordinary leadership potential and wishes to recommend them for the program. Any youth demonstrating leadership potential and a commitment to the core values of the program are considered for admission, regardless of educational opportunities or financial resources. Following their nomination, applicants are evaluated on a number of criteria to best determine their aptitude, commitment, and desire to succeed in the program. Finalists are brought together for a group experience to evaluate the group dynamic before final selection is made. This thorough and many-faceted application process will ensure equal opportunity for all interested participants.

Applicants will be selected on their individual merits, keeping in mind the need to create the intended group dynamic for session. To achieve the goals of the Genesis Project, emphasis will be placed on creating representation from a wide spectrum of socio-economic, ethnic, religious, educational, cultural, racial and political backgrounds. Participants are assigned to a Genesis Project Group which will remain intact for the entire experience and provide the basis for the desired syngergies.