Staci Peters
Executive Director                        

Ms. Peters has varied educational, professional and life experience that has prepared her well to execute the mission of the Life Hope Foundation and the Genesis Project. From her overseas upbringing to her international work in the business world, she knows that the planet has never been more in need of courageous leaders of character—and that within the youth of today lies the potential to fill that need.

While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Ms. Peters also studied secondary education and has spent much of the past 12 years involved in the development of programs and curriculum for youth. She has addressed thousands of young people as a motivational speaker and presently oversees a program for 32 young women ages 12-18 in her community. Through this program, youth set goals and complete projects over a six-year period to strengthen their families, serve in their communities, gain knowledge and life skills in a variety of areas, and live lives of integrity. Staci has a great love for young people and is committed to providing opportunities for them to experience the positive results of good choices. She truly believes that strong, educated, principled youth are the hope of the future.

Her international business experience began with her role as the Director of Business Affairs for Power Productions International, based in Washington DC, where she negotiated contracts on behalf of the firm with multi-national companies throughout Europe, Asia and South America. Following this experience she founded Legacy Entertainment, which has developed film, television and live productions on 4 continents.

Her overseas upbringing and her professional experiences have given her a tremendous appreciation for the unique history and values of many cultures and people. One of her most valued professional experiences was the staging of a world television premiere in Jerusalem featuring an American and Israeli cast, American and Israeli choirs, and the Jerusalem Symphony (comprised of Jews, Palestinians, and a myriad of other ethnicities) performing the music of a Brazilian-American composer. Six days after this beautiful international collaboration, extreme violence erupted once again in Gaza and the West Bank that has continued to this day. But the experience left the indelible impression of the possibility of peace when the desire for harmony is greater than the desire for dominance. Ms. Peters is dedicated to this pursuit.